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 Lapband Experiment

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PostSubject: Re: Lapband Experiment   13/05/13, 03:50 am

hey bushlander...im in the same predicament as u....im 163cm n 82 kg....I was banded in april 07 at 110kg lost 40kg n felt amazing at 70kg n thought I didn't hav to diet ever agin but the weight crept bak on :/ ....iv had to really hav a look at the way im eating n wat im eating....the old shoving food in my mouth returned n of course I bought it bak up......its so not easy (the band) but u hav a fantastic tool to help u ...we hav to work with it,not against it n listen to it saying u hav had enuff food now....stop eating.....I knoe how ur feeling....mayb if we document our daily menu on here n c if that helps us......keep going with it.....cheers....jane
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PostSubject: Re: Lapband Experiment   13/05/13, 12:47 am

Oh how I'd love to get rid of my band, but I don't think I'm big enough for either gastric sleeving or bypass. I'm 163cm and am 75kg at the moment and going by the BMI calculator, if I put on another 5kg I'll then be in the obese BMI range. That's pretty bad, but it's true because I know how uncomfortable I am now at 75kg so another 5kg would definitely make things very miserable. I've gained 15kg in 12 months due to my band tightening up, me getting it loosened and then playing catch up to get back to my sweet spot. Am going in for a fill this arvo to try and get back on track. Haven't had a fill since my debacle back in April (see opening post). I'm eating double what I would eat if I were at my sweet spot, but I'm still eating way less than I would be if I didn't have my band. And people think this is taking the easy way out! If only they knew...
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PostSubject: Re: Lapband Experiment   14/04/13, 02:42 am

Mine did the same merry go round of ins and outs as you just explained for about 18 months and I got jack of it.

It wasnt helping me lose or maintain and all it did was either allow me to eat too much or make me frigging throw up so after 4 years of the evil sucker I ditched it and got a sleeve.

Best bloody thing I ever did! I have been sleeved for 12 months now and I lost all the exess weight gained in the last few years with the band and am delightfully normal now with no symptoms or adverse effects from the sleeve.

I have normal eating responces, no reflux or spewing or stuckages just normal eating and digesting but with small 1/2 cup normally sated and full responces.

I have found the 2 year mark is when the bastard starts to turn on you and from there it its generally a fight between you and the band.
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PostSubject: Re: Lapband Experiment   13/04/13, 07:29 am

My band was very temperamental which is why I got rid of it three months ago. I was so sick of the drama and the adjustments and the vomiting the weight creeping back on that I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Now in's three days away from getting the sleeve and I couldn't be happier. I really hope You Can sort out your band' they can be so temperamental.

Good luck.
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PostSubject: Lapband Experiment   12/04/13, 09:50 am

I've been playing catch-up with my band since about October last year when I had a massive tightening of the band and I haven't been able to get back to my sweet spot ever since. So for the past two months I've been having .25ml put in every two weeks (my band seems to take at least a week before the fill kicks in) and by my records I should almost be back where I was in October. But for some reason every fill I was getting just didn't make any difference. So on Monday this week George whacked in a generous .75ml as I was convinced my band had a leak. Didn't notice anything on Monday, but come Tuesday night - yeah, I could feel it! So on Wednesday George took out .50ml and all was good....until Thursday afternoon when it tightened and I was struggling to get anything down. Here we are, Friday night, and I'm just heading out the door to Red Hill to see Dr Jenny Duncombe who will take out .50ml. That will take me back to being .25ml under what I was on Monday. I swear it's the cold weather that has affected my band, but I'm not sure. Just a bit sick of having it tighten up when it feels like it and not being able to find my sweet spot. And then there's the weight gain that has come with it - about 12kg over 12 months, not good. Just like to know is anybody's else's band as temperamental and finicky as mine?
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PostSubject: Re: Lapband Experiment   

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Lapband Experiment
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