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 Not a happy chappy

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Not a happy chappy  Empty
PostSubject: Not a happy chappy    Not a happy chappy  Empty09/04/13, 10:14 am

Hi Guys ,
It has been a while since i last checked in .
Things have been not so good started a new job with the same health provider i was with but mangering a sterilization unit for the dental health services .
I started having major problems with my back and hip and was sent of for a mri at this stage i got down to 81.4 kilo and had decided it was my goal and i was happy here .
i had to Endure to M.R.I one on my spine and one on my hip so i was stuck for 1.45 hours in that tunnel not been able to move when i was able to get out i was unable to move my back had locked into place and i was in agony after 10-15 minutes i was able to struggle up and limb out to the car but i had to go back to the hospital for a complete body scan which took another 45 minutes of not moving and to be injected with radio active material and to return a few hours later for another 1 hour of scans i was in pure hell just made it home took drugs and went to bed so after all this and 8 weeks of work i find out i have tendernitis in my right hip with a small tear and had steriod injections to help with that by now because i was so inactive and miserable i had gain 6 kilo's miserable as all hell then i had to go to melbourne and see a neuro surgeon and he informs me that my back is stuffed and i have brittol bone's one disc L5 is now bone on bone and the one above prolapsed with norrowing of the spinal cord and a slight curviture of the spine (yeah me ) lol so more time of work waiting to see another specalist !
Then i start to get this burning in my chest and every thing getting stuck and vomiting i have never in the last 3 years vomited and her i am chucking up all the time so today a gastro scope has been done and i have no pouch the band has moved right up to just under the esopogast so now i have to find another surgeon because mine is over sea's working with poverty struck children not sure what will happen and my weight is blossming as i am not allowed to do ant
anything in fare of doing damage to my back as it is so unstable and now my weight is a grand total of 89.3 so miserable so thats my rant not a happy chappy ................................ Suzzie
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Not a happy chappy
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