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 Been a while. Thought I would say hello again.

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PostSubject: Been a while. Thought I would say hello again.   01/10/12, 11:29 am

I was banded in October 2010. To date I have lost about 30 kilos. It's hard sometimes as I've had food stuck, thrown up hundreds of times and had the band too tight on several occasions most recently as last week. I got .25ml put in and spent the whole night throwing up and pains in my chest. Went back the next day and had to get 2ml taken out because everything was swollen from throwing up all night. I too have trouble with too loose, too tight, eating junky food because it goes down easier. Since I've had the 2ml out I can eat everything and I have been. Can't wait to get back to the doctor to get more fill put in. I said when I first got it that I didn't care if it took 5 years to lose the weight. It's been 2 years/30 kilos down. Need to lose another 30 yet so I am on track. Need to exercise more as well. I'm very happy with the band even though I've had issues. I think I must be near 8ml in my band. Good luck everyone, stick with it. I feel so much better and healthier so I don't regret it at all.
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Been a while. Thought I would say hello again.
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