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 JUNE 2011!!!

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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   09/07/12, 11:13 pm

HI Rani
Welcome to the forum.
I to have been rebanded 3 times but this time it is great. 3 years for me and just 6k to go to my goal of 72k.
Great you are feeling a lot better now and this is how it should be.
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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   13/06/12, 10:49 am

Hi Rani, and welcome all!

Rani, I think I remember you from the old Yahoo site??? I could be wrong (Lord knows I often am!)

Hopefully this new band gets you back on track. Poor you suffering with all you did for YEARS!!! I guess that is the trouble with having so few specialist band surgeons in Tassie...

Good luck to you all!!!
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PostSubject: :) June 2011 Tassie banded   13/06/12, 09:44 am

I got banded by Tony P in hobart 23rd june 2011

First big goal (had many little ones along the way) is 85kg by 1 year.Started at 120kg on day of banding...thats next week and im 85.7kg yay!!!!

Then i want to get to 75kg by October and then after that just fine tune the body:P
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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   10/06/11, 10:46 am

Hi Rani,

I'm from Tassie too. So is your new surgeon Tony P. He has been fantastic for me.
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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   09/06/11, 10:54 am


first band 2001

The original nasty tight one, neever worked well...lost 10kg initially the not much unless I dieted
Had problems all along with reflux and never finding that sweet spot. 2007 had a scope and swallow as I felt it was not right but the surgeon assured me it was fine and in the correct spot.

Last month I went to the other surgeon in town who does bands who took one look at the 2007 swallow and showed me the large pouch and herniation. Wow..I had put up with not being able to take my meds, vomiting in my sleep, aspirating etc for years! Had another swallow which showed it was even bigger now so had it revised to the newer fatter (less pressure) band.

I have to say it already feels incredibly different than the first time.
I am really quiet excited about having a band that works. I never felt full with the first one.

Hence, I trust my new surgeon, Will not be seeing the old one again as I am rather disgruntled with him ( I should know better as I am an RN and shouldve had a second opinion earlier).

So, here i am...hoping for a moderate but permanent weight loss....currently weigh 85kg and would like to sit around 72kg (BMI 24) to be healthy.

I love sleeping without regurging too!
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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   09/06/11, 10:15 am

Rani ... Welcome !

I'm a double bandit too although my first one did not last as long as yours did .. 10 years is a pretty good run for a band.

What made you revise to a new band ?

Anyway, glad to have you onboard here.


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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   09/06/11, 10:12 am

Good luck Rani. You already look fabulous.
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PostSubject: JUNE 2011!!!   09/06/11, 10:05 am

Hey all,
I am a double bander...
first Dec 2001

Now just have a revision to the LapBand (bigger size) June 4th...

Love to hear how anyone else is going who has just had it done...
I have a few small complaints...
starving! Sick of liquid foods! Pain under ribs! Sleep deprived.. Feel like I've swallowed an elephant!
lucky I no longer look 20 weeks pregnant now the gas has dissappated.
Looking forward to this band working well.

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PostSubject: Re: JUNE 2011!!!   

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JUNE 2011!!!
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