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 getting food stuck

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PostSubject: Re: getting food stuck   13/04/11, 04:18 am

Thanks Beth, I really appreciate that (knowing a nurse is like knowing a mechanic or a lawyer - very handy ;)).

I can drink ok and the doctor I rang agrees with you that it's unlikely to be a band thing. It lasted about three hours and freaked me out entirely. I was making crazy guesses that it may be connected to the band because the band is the obvious medical thing in my life but I really have no idea.

My ears aren't blocked but it was definitely a vertigo / balance thing - it made me dry retch and that worried me because of the band . I feel better now but will see the doc this arvo because I want to know what the heck it was about !

I put 'getting food stuck' as the title so that this thread may be of some use to someone, someday.
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PostSubject: Re: getting food stuck   13/04/11, 12:46 am


Are your ears blocked? It sounds like a middle ear problem. Not likely to be the band, in my opinion. Are you able to drink any fluid? if so, unlikely to be a blockage still.

However, if in doubt, go see someone. Good luck, let us know how you go...
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PostSubject: getting food stuck   13/04/11, 12:25 am

Hi everyone, I have a very strange problem. I woke up this morning and have not been able to walk or move my head properly for the last half hour because I am very DIZZY and feel 'car sick'. I rang a doctor and he doesn't think it's related to the band but I wonder...

Last night I got food stuck and had to get rid of it and at one point it got a little forceful, could I have dislodged the band? Could food still be stuck?

I will get an ambulance if it keeps up - it's not like me at all, I have never even fainted before...

Has any one experienced this before?
I would like advice if you have any.
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PostSubject: Re: getting food stuck   

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getting food stuck
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