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 6 days to go...

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PostSubject: Re: 6 days to go...   6 days to go... Empty10/03/11, 08:02 am

You were so unlucky with the infection, we're all glad you came through it ok. I agree about the sleeping and also I am starting to get hungry too or at least, I don't feel so much restriction ( I guess the swellings going down...). I wish I had Ange's Doc and could get a fill after three weeks, might try and get in early (willpower has never been my strong point ;)!)

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6 days to go... Empty
PostSubject: Re: 6 days to go...   6 days to go... Empty10/03/11, 06:59 am

Hi Tanya

Think you have everything covered there. Hope you are on the mend, once the swellings gone and the pain is gone it all go. I could have slept for a week.

My problem was I got an infection in my Port, and had to go back and have it out, then back again 6 weeks later for a new one.

All is good now, still need some more fill, just feel hungry.

Good luck on you Journey

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PostSubject: Re: 6 days to go...   6 days to go... Empty10/03/11, 03:27 am

Hi Rae, I was banded 10 days ago - it's interesting times ahead for you :)

*I had four nicks and one 3cm cut on my abdomen - each requiring stitches and dressing but the the stitches were removed before I came home.
*Expect fluids on the first day and mush for however long after that.
*You may get a blood thinner jab in your thigh each day you are in hospital ( I politely declined their offer of a third needle!).
*Getting in and out of bed is awkward - just take it easy.
*I stayed three days (2 nights)
*I had a drip on day one (with liquid panadol in it as well ) and could drink as I wished. Pain killers are available.
*I wore typical loose type clothes.
*Hospital gown and knickers in surgery ( the nurses said no knickers but I asked the surgeon and said it was fine)

*When you get out, it's pretty much business as usual. I drove on the day I was released - more out of necessity than choice but it's no biggy.
*Gas from surgery may be circulating around your body and causing stitch like aches, often in your shoulders but for me it was / is my back and diaphragm. It literally is the residual gas from surgery (they pump you up to make room but can't get it all when they suck it back out) - it rises and presses on your diaphragm which irritates nerves.
*Icecream although mushy, is high in calories so diet jelly, yoghurt or custard makes better sense. I also bought baby foods which come in handy.

*I have only been banded for 10 days so I can't say what happens next, but at this point I can eat solid foods (smaller portions and chew well). I am not recommending it - just saying that it's possible.
* You probably won't have much, if any saline in your band because the initial stage is about healing. Don't worry though, you will still feel different and even if you want too, you won't be able to eat like you did before.
* During the recovery phase (and after too!) you need to use common sense because the band will restrict your portion sizes but not your choice of food. If you want to eat high calorie crap you still can (chocolate is entirely possible, trust me!) - but it is unlikely you will want to eat much of it - considering what you will have just been through to get the lap band started :)!!!

The first week of recovery (for me at least) has been both moderately uncomfortable and a steep learning curve, but I am sure that is normal. You will be ok and you will loose weight.

Best wishes x

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Tralee (Trace)

Tralee (Trace)

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PostSubject: Re: 6 days to go...   6 days to go... Empty10/03/11, 12:06 am

How exciting Rae Rae I still get excited thinking about when I was banded I know weird lol. The first night I had hospital gown on then next day pj pants with a normal t-shirt. I stayed two nights because we are four and a half hours from home. I had a pillow across tummy then seat belt over that and was very comfy. I was given jelly, ice-cream and custard in hospital but didn't have ice-cream because don't like it and two days after op had a skinny milk cappuccino my favourite thing to have before and after the op. You have lost a fabulous amount of weight already good on you. You will find that we are all different and I have found so are our doctors and dietitians. I was banded on 19th January and have no fill at all hoping to get some on the 25th March I have done nothing wrong at all with my eating but at the moment it's pure willpower getting me through not eating more than I should. Good luck and welcome to the best ride of your life :)
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PostSubject: 6 days to go...   6 days to go... Empty09/03/11, 11:52 pm

This time next week I will be in theatre.... I'm excited, scared, and looking forward to the future. I am really getting a lot of strength from reading other posts. Even when you have bad days you are all an inspiration to me. What does one wear in hospital? Pj's or regular clothes? Is it usual to stay in 1 or 2 days? and any hints for a comfortable trip home.... about 1 and 1/4 hours by car?
Optifast is going along well, but won't mind giving it a rest! I have lost 13kg now, and its not getting any easier lol.
On the diet sheets I have received I don't see diet jelly mentioned.... at what stage can we successfully consume it?
Thank you one and all for your posts and encouragement. It really helps.
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6 days to go... Empty
PostSubject: Re: 6 days to go...   6 days to go... Empty

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6 days to go...
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